Saturday, March 24, 2012

MBLAQ Fashion and Style: Beautiful

Fashion sets inspired from
MBLAQ's Beautiful Performance outfit on Mcountdown 22nd March 2012

Finally after a year Im back with new fashion sets~~ hehe hope you guys like my simple mix and match fashion sets inpired from MBLAQ's style.

For previous MBLAQ's fashion sets go HERE and HEREIf you guys have any questions/request/anything just tweet me at my twitter @JoongHana 

Credit Pic: as tagged
Credit Fashion sets: Hannah @
Inspired from Mir's outfit
Beautiful 5

Inspired from CheonDoong's outfit
Beautiful 4

Inspired from G.O's outfit
Beautiful 3

Inspired from SeungHo's outfit
Beautiful 2

Inspired from Joon's outfit
Beautiful 1

Beautiful 1 by joonghana featuring a sheer tank

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