Monday, March 8, 2010


Inspired from FT Island's Style 

Credit: Hannah JJ (
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Hello everyone,Im back with new fashion sets..been busy lately..sorry guys for not sharing new fashion sets and tips..hehe but dont worry guys Im back~~~ anyways here is FT Island's Style

Requested by @OttokaeOttokae from Twitter

*I just hope you like this, its just simple..hehe I kinda have an hard time choosing the right one for every member..sorry if its not here you go my version of FT Island's style~~~

and here is Bonus..Ive made another style of FT Island.. 

*This is just a quick mix and match sets that I made this morning..hope you guys likes it..






I just hope everyone likes this FTI sets..I enjoy making it~ If you guys have any guys can drop it here at the comment or you guys can contact me from my Twitter @JoongHana (do follow me there guys) and also if you guys got any questions to me you guys can go HERE ask me anything there~

do leave comments here..I will totally LOVE it~


  1. I absolutely love~ the outfits you come up with :D [goes to follow you on twitter] I find fashion so interesting and I absolutely love it~ But I seem to have no talent for it XD

    I've never heard of Brunei (reading your profile) What's it like there??

    Sorry for the question/lo~ng message

  2. Hello the Mariah,
    thanx for liking my sites..
    well Brunei is located in Borneo Island in South East Asia..its a small country with Hot and Humid weather all year round..

    hehe I love long comments..its ok with me..if you wanna ask more you can go here

  3. I'll be sure to do that :D

    Wow~ Really different from MN..