Saturday, March 13, 2010

CNBLUE Fashion and Style - Female Version

Inspired from CNBLUE's Style

Credit: Hannah JJ (
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Hello again guys, this time I made CNBlue's styles female version..its just simple like always..this is the best I can do..sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long..hehe here you go guys..hope everyone likes version of CNBlue's Style..
*In My Sets: Its a simple mix and match. From all of this first style in my sets, I Like JungShin's female ver. the most. Its so stylish to me - blazer,boy shorts and over the knee socks are Spring 2010 Fashion Trends (base from

CNB-JS by JoongHana featuring Tibi Ny blazers

CNB-JH by JoongHana featuring Replay jeans

CNB-YH by JoongHana featuring Forever21 


and here is another style
*In My sets: the style is just simple, almost exactly the same like their style except for this is the 'female version'. I chose hot pants for YongHwa and MinHyuk's style and I totally LOVE all the boots in my sets.
Jung Shin





CNB-MH2 by JoongHana featuring Alice In The Eve blazers

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  1. Really cute!
    I really like the MinHyuk inspired looks! So fun and cute! :D

  2. Woohooo!! AT LAST!!!!
    After waiting for so long! XD

    Here is my so-called failed fashion comments for the first set! lol. And I give my personal ratings jua ahh.. don't take it to the heart okay.. it's ur idea after all. ^^

    And this an unbiased comments.. huhuhu

    For the first set, I have to agree with you - I, too, love Jung Shin's sets the best! Love the blazer, the boots and the knee socks!
    Rate: 4/5

    Honestly speaking, I am quite disappointed with Jong Hyun's fashion sets. sorry.. tapi i'm looking from the side if i were to date with him.. fails. this won't work. Hahaha! It's too whiteeeee and bright! If I were to wear like that- I feel like a statue somehow. but the boots - that's killing me! I love the boots so much!!!!! <3 it's the white pants yang macam out sikit.. i probably change it to a short mud-colour-grey-ish green (inda ku tau apa colournya! but macam colour the boots. tapi ada green-ish sikit mcm the baju jua - hijau lumut kali..don't know) skirt. Serious - gotta show the killing boots! hohohoho

    Rate: 3/5

    Yong Hwa's ones is the most casual. Me lovin' it! Macam bisai untuk santai-santai.. kalau dating dengan ia ni with this baju.. aii..mesti he will go head over heels with me.. because I'll look so sexy with it.. lawa lah this one!

    Rate: 5/5

    Min Hyuk ones, sorry.. Uwaa.. the jacket awal2 sudah put me off! Mcm lain saja this one.

    Rate: 1/5

    Altogether, 65%. Credit saja. Ok lah ah.. hohohoho.. jadi teacher sekajap. fetish sikit when it comes to the boys. ahahaha!

    Suka-suka saja kan..but then again because I believe you could come out with better choices - referring to what you've made so far! Just this time saja the first set macam lain.. hmm. huhuhu.

    Don't take it to heart, okay.. take it as kritikan membina..ecewahh... hohoho :)

  3. wooowwww...
    so cool.. i like it!!
    yong hwa's style in woman version really great! XD

  4. omg!! i like yonghwa's one~~
    maybe i should try it out one day~~ hehehz...