Wednesday, December 23, 2009

TVXQ FNS Style - Female Version

Inspired from TVXQ Style at FNS Song Festival

Credit: Hannah (

*sorry Im so lazy to find the nicer pix*

In my sets: I chose thigh high heels for Junsu style..Its from Christian Louboutin..Ive made my version a bit vintage-y…I love Vintage style! I put 2 style here also..


In my sets: I love the jacket..its from Marc nice!! jeans also by Marc Jacobs ..I love Marc Jacobs..

In my sets: a very simple style but the shoes are totally to die for!!


In my sets: I try to follow chanmin’s style, again I put 2 style here..with pants-legging or jeans..and the boots are from Christian Louboutin again! I LOVE IT!


In my sets: I made it simple but chic..hehe I love the shoes! someone buy it for me please~~ LOL

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