Thursday, December 17, 2009

StarLoveMelody's Fashion~

Welcome to StarLoveMelody's Fashion Blog~

About StarLoveFashion

This blog is for my fashion sets, that Ive made for fun.

I hope everyone loves my work and Thank You for the lovely comments~

*Please be reminded
-I made the sets for fun and for sharing some of my random fashion tips.
-I don’t sell the clothes in the sets.
-I don’t know the specific place to buy the clothes; I only provide the fashion tips. For polyvore sets you can click the pictures and it will direct you to my polyvore sites,there you can see the brand and also the web of the items from.The price are kinda pricey for some items tho. For looklet the brand name are on the top right hand side.
-If you want to share my sets at your sites please leave your link here at StarLoveFashion. So that I can backtrack my sets easily to look at people’s comments.
Lots of Love,
~Hannah JJ/JoongHana JJ~

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  1. Hana i like this sooo much!!! i want all of the clothes in the picture